Specialist overland expedition planning, support and vehicle preparation


Explore undiscovered horizons in your own 4×4!


Adventure into the wilderness!


Be prepared for the unexpected!

Create the journey of a lifetime with specialised planning and customized preparation for your 4×4 expedition

You’ve got a big dream for an overland trip but don’t know where to begin. What should you pack, what vehicle and modifications do you need, will it be safe and is it even possible?

Paul Marsh is a global authority on 4×4 overland expeditions and has built vehicles for journeys in some of the wildest places on earth. Siberia at minus 60°C, the Taklamakan Desert in China, the Arctic, remote jungles in Malaysia and innumerable expeditions across Africa. Now you can get all this expertise behind your own expedition and create the trip of a lifetime.

Paul offers worldwide consulting, preparation, training and support as well as vehicle sourcing, building and preparation to the highest standards of safety and reliability. He will work with you to conceptualise and design your trip and will train you in the use of your vehicle and equipment so you have the confidence to drive out and have a world-class 4×4 experience.


Advice on routes, equipment, documentation, and all expedition details and experience required.


Planning and preparing your vehicle to ensure capability, comfort and safety.

Project Management

Management of the entire project and vehicle customization to highest standards.


Bespoke training in the use and care of your vehicle and equipment to ensure confidence and safety.


On-the-road support to manage unexpected events and ensure peace of mind.

The Wilderness Within

Expedition preparation is not just about the nuts and bolts of a trip – it’s also about the mental preparation. Adventurers don’t go to the ends of the earth just to see some sights – they go because the journey changes them. The wilderness is transformational.

Paul and his team will coach you through your doubts, fears, hopes, and motivations so your immersion in nature will be every bit as life-changing and inspiring as you hoped it would. Growth and reconnection have always been at the heart of the call to adventure, and now it’s your turn to set out and drive the road less travelled to the far horizon.

Paul Marsh 4×4, global expedition consulting, planning and project management

Making your expedition dream a reality!
Simplicity – safety – reliability- knowledge & support.