About Paul Marsh 4×4

Global overland expedition specialist

About Paul Marsh 4×4

Global overland expedition specialist

How it all started

Paul’s passion has always been for the great outdoors and overland travel. His first adventure was an 18-month odyssey through Africa – north to south and back again – in a vehicle he had built himself! With this experience and his engineering background, he developed a keen interest in the end-to-end process of expedition planning, vehicle preparation,  training and support.  This gave birth to his career as an independent 4×4 expedition specialist – first in England for 18 years and now back in South Africa since 2014. Paul’s purpose is to enable people from all over the world to fulfill their dream of overland travel in their own 4×4. In addition to this, Paul has successfully led expeditions around the world, traversed every continent, and provided technical advice and support for numerous prominent worldwide events.


Today, Paul has more than 30 years of experience in vehicle-based travel on every continent on the globe.

Some of his most memorable adventures include:

  • Camel Trophy selections in South Africa, now known as the G4 challenge (a grueling event that pushes contestants to their limits).
  • London to Sydney through Iran, Pakistan and China.
  • Nordkapp Arctic Winter Rally (supporting 40 vehicles around Nordkapp in Norway).
  • London to Cape Town with 80 vehicles, half of which were post-war and classic cars.
  • Cape Town to Eritrea and back (70 000 km and 14 months, single vehicle).
  • Panama to Alaska.
  • North to south traverse of South America – Colombia to Tierra del Fuego.
  • Siberian Challenge, West Ireland to Eastern Russia (three vehicles, 20 countries, two continents).
  • South-east Asia, including Myanmar.
  • Circumnavigation of Mediterranean.
  • Canning Stock Route Australia.


One of Paul’s most thrilling expeditions was the “Driven to Extremes” three-part TV series sponsored by Shell which was designed to showcase the toughest driving challenges using Shell products. He built two vehicles for Shell, and together with a few Hollywood celebrities, started their overland expedition.

“We drove through Siberia in minus 60 °C conditions into the Taklamakan Desert in China at plus 60 °C. Then across China into the Malaysian jungle, one of the world’s oldest jungles. The series went viral on the Discovery Channel and around the world.”

Back to South Africa

In 2014 Paul returned to his roots in South Africa and set up Paul Marsh 4×4.

“I saw the opportunity to base myself in Cape Town, where I could continue my passion to facilitate people’s dreams of building their own overland vehicle. No Matter what level of experience, I could prepare them and their vehicle to travel globally, equipped with knowledge and confidence to be self-sufficient.”

Paul’s clients range from safari companies to couples (with or without children), groups and solo travelers from around the world. Many of the people who approach him have never driven a four-wheel drive before and come simply with a dream of overlanding through some of the most remote places in the world.

“The biggest decision you have to make is just to do it,” says Paul. “Once you’ve made that decision, the rest is just a process.”

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